Create the First Mind Map is Easy and Fun

Visualize your ideas in your mind helps you to know what's in your mind both vertically and horizontally. But most importantly, to get your mind to be clear and organized. Follow the steps below to create your first mind map in just a few minutes.

Get Started with a Template

Select from our built-in structures and themes in your favor. If you haven't made up your mind up yet, both structures and themes can be changed in the process of creating your mind map.

Click the template, and then click Create and you are all set.

Or you can also select theme from the library, an online mind map theme where you can view mind maps created from XMind users and fill in with your inspirations.

Jot Down in the Topics

Let go what's in your mind intuitively, and record them in different topics. Fill in the central topic with the central idea. You can either fill in several main topics first, or fill in one main topic and its subtopics, then repeat the steps above.

If you need to change the logical sequence of the topics, simply select and hold the topics, then drag it to the targeted spot and release it for placing. Move one topic freely to another main topic, or keep them in the same branch as you like.

Style Everything

Highlight those topics with important information, or higher priority. You can change everything about and in the topic. From color, to shape or even the width of the topic.

Click Icon where you can make make a dressing for your mind map. Add Stickers to make your mind map stand out, while Markers to make up the subtopics.

Save and Share

Save your mind maps as XMind files, or save them into different formats for different needs, including but not limited to PNG, SVG, PDF, Markdown, etc. You can also share your mind map with your friends and colleagues on social network, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Volia, creating a mind map is easy and simple. XMind: ZEN provides features that are just right, and you can explore freely in the app and record your ideas intuitively in the way you want.

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