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Create the First Mind Map is Easy and Fun

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Create the First Mind Map is Easy and Fun

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a specific implementation method where you use a keyword to trigger related ideas, and then use the technique of graphics and text to show the relationship between the various levels of topics in a mutually subordinate hierarchy - establishing a memory connection between the keywords, images, colors, etc., and then to present all elements in a diagram to show your thoughts in a logical way.

Getting Started with Your First Mind Map

If you're new to Xmind and don't know how to get started, check out this guide down below.

First, just download Xmind on your computer, cell phone, or tablet, spend a minute to familiarize yourself with the interface, and you are ready to go.

-Download desktop version(Windows/Mac/Linux)Here

-For mobile and tablet versions, you can download them from application stores.

Xmind 101

Create a new mind map

You are brought to a new canvas immediately when you open Xmind. You are also free to choose from the map templates stored for you. [Upper toolbar - File - New From Templates] image

You can also import different files from [File - Import] image

Adding topics

Use [Tab] to branch out main topics from your central topic; [Tab] again for a subtopic. Double-click on the canvas for an independent floating topic. You can also find these topic clicks at the top of your canvas. image

Insert attachments in your map

Select the topic you want to insert attachments into, then simply choose from the upper tool bar. image

Delete and undo

Simply select the element and delete, or use Command/Control+Z to delete.

Change themes, colors, texts formats

You can find what you want to change in the right format panel. image

Share and Export

Xmind supports many file formats such as PNG, SVG, PDF, OPML etc. You can also share your maps to our mind map gallery through xmind share. image image

ZEN Mode

ZEN mode allows you to focus on the mind map itself. Concentrate on the diversion and organization of your thinking, and come up with better solutions. image

Pitch Mode

Pitch Mode automatically generates transitions and layouts to showcase your mind map with one click. From brainstorming to presentation, we say goodbye to tediously piling up slides in PowerPoint. image

Outliner View

Easily switch between a mind map and outliner view. Xmind provides you a new way to organize and structure your thoughts. [Upper tool bar - View - Outliner] image image

Alright! That's all you need to know about getting started in Xmind. It's not hard at all, right? Go and create your first mind map now!

Try Xmind Free
Try Xmind Free
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