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Map Shot Your Mind Maps to Share with More People

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Map Shot Your Mind Maps to Share with More People


Many users mind map not only to organize their thoughts but also to share with teams and the public internet. A nice-looking presentation of a mind map is an efficient way to make the audience understand your points structurally. In this article, we are going to introduce Map Shot – our newly-launched sharing feature to turn your mind maps into professional presentations for better sharing and viewing purposes.

When you are done with graphing, please see the following steps to export your maps with Map Shot.

• go to Tools (on top of the navigation bar) → click on Map Shot

After selection, you can then select the squared or customized-size frames to screenshot the content freely.

• Customize your frame size and include the map you’d like to share → click the file icon to decide where to save on your computer → click the camera icon to map shot the mind map

After clicking the camera icon to screenshot your selected mind map, you can customize the presentation of this map shot with options for frame line, shadow and XMind Mark.

• Customize the thickness and color of your frame line → enable or disable the options for Shadow and XMind Mark embedded → Copy & Save

Finally! Feel free to share your exported map shots to social media with more people. Note that please update to the newest version of XMind Desktop to use the feature Map Shot.

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