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Write a Novel with XMind

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Write a Novel with XMind


Writing is an individual way to unwind your ideas and imaginations. You don’t need to be an author in order to write a novel, anyone who wants to share interesting thoughts can write for fun, for yourself. Speaking of writing, how XMind can help along this private and valuable process? In this article, we are going to plan and write a novel to demonstrate how XMind assists your creative writing time.

Brainstorm a Story Idea

The very first step to the start of a novel – an idea! What idea would you like to write about? How do you expand upon that idea? What message and story do you wish to communicate? XMind can definitely help you with this because we specialize in making your brainstorming process easier. The mind map structure allows you to layout words in mind and structure them to perfect your story idea.

If you find it hard to come up with an idea, then first get some inspirations and practices by reflecting on some writing prompt.


Establish You Setting

Decide the setting for your novel. The background of a novel, from historical time to social environment, provides basic context for your characters’ actions and expanding stories, such as a background color sets the tone for the whole painting. Use XMind fishbone structure to develop a well-rounded setting.


Develop Your Main Characters

Character development is key to writing a novel. How are stories created? From people, people’s actions, emotions, thoughts and interactions compose into a chain of happenings. Below are some tips about how to develop a vivid character.


You can also use XMind to help to develop your character relationship chart. This is extremely useful when you are planning to write a more complicated story with tens and hundreds of distinct characters. The relationship feature connecting between topic boxes also allows you to specify the relationship between characters.


Outline a Storyline

Before the actual writing, you may want to outline your plot before delving deeper into your story idea. Unlike brainstorming an idea and setting up your story scene, this step requires you to focus on molding existing ideas into a comprehensive, linear and well-structured storyline. Once get this foundation down ahead, you are free to stretch out and begin imagination in the following happy-writing days!

You can try with XMind Timeline structure to plot your storyline.

(Plan a Writing Schedule &) Happy Writing!

You are all set to go! With your outline serves as your founding structure, it’s time to write what you want and what you like. It is the best way to express inner mindsets and fulfill imaginations. Get on with your first draft and enjoy the struggles and joys throughout the creative process.

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Mar 16, 2021
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