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Shortcuts in XMind That Improve Mapping Efficiency

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Shortcuts in XMind That Improve Mapping Efficiency


How to become more efficient in mind mapping? Training your brain to think faster can be one of the options, but it takes a long time to achieve that kind of improvement. Actually, one of the fastest ways to speed up your mapping process in XMind is to master the use of shortcuts. Built-in and customized shortcut keys help you to skip many redundant clicks and make your mapping process a seamless experience.

Use Built-in Shortcuts

To check all the built-in/default shortcut settings in XMind, go to the top navigation bar:

XMindPreferences(or use shortcut Command ⌘,) → **Shortcuts **

to see a complete list of default shortcuts. You can also use the category scroll or search bar to search for a specific shortcut key.

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Customize Your Shortcuts

You can always customize the shortcuts based on personal preferences. The “None” shown beside a feature indicates that this feature has not yet been assigned with a shortcut. To add a customized shortcut to this feature:

Select the “None” beside the feature → enter a shortcut → click “Apply” at the bottom right to confirm the entered shortcut key.

See the video below for detailed instruction.

Note that you can also overwrite the existed default shortcuts as well. If you would like to go back to the default settings, click the “Restore Default Shortcuts” on the bottom left.

Shortcuts Summary

Our staff has graphed a mind map summarizing all the shortcuts in XMind in a past blog post .

Please also find the text version of all commonly used default shortcuts listed below.

Feature Mac Windows
Save Command ⌘-S Ctrl + S
Save as Shift ⇧+Command ⌘-S Ctrl + Shift + S
New Command ⌘-N Ctrl + N
New Tab Command ⌘-T Ctrl + T
Open Command ⌘-O Ctrl + O
Print Command ⌘-P Ctrl + P
Zoom In Command ⌘-= Ctrl + =
Zoom Out Command ⌘-- Ctrl + -
Actual Size Command ⌘-0 Ctrl + 0
ZEN Mode Option ⌥+Command ⌘-F Ctrl + Alt + F
Show Tab Bar Shift ⇧+Command ⌘-T Ctrl + Shift + T
Show/Hide Format Bar Command ⌘-I Ctrl + I
Minimize Command ⌘-M Ctrl + M
Fold/unfold Subtopics Command ⌘-/ Ctrl + /
Subtopic Tab Tab
Topic After Return Enter
Topic Before Shift - Return Shift + Enter
Parent Topic Command ⌘-Return Shift + Enter
Topic Before Shift - Return Ctrl + Enter
Relationship Shift ⇧-Command ⌘-L Ctrl + Shift + L
Boundary Shift ⇧-Command ⌘-B Ctrl + Shift + B
Note Shift ⇧-Command ⌘-N Ctrl + Shift + N
Label Shift ⇧-Command ⌘-L Ctrl + Shift + L
Link Webpage Shift ⇧-Command ⌘-K Ctrl + Shift + K
Audio Note Shift ⇧-Command ⌘-A Ctrl + Shift + A
Local Image Shift ⇧-Command ⌘-I Ctrl + Shift + I
Copy Style Option ⌥-Command ⌘-C Ctrl + Alt + C
Paste Style Option ⌥-Command ⌘-V Ctrl + Alt + V
New Line Shift ⇧-Return Shift + Enter
Map Shot Command ⌘ -Shift ⇧-P Ctrl + P
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