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Warm-up and Stretch Exercise at Home with XMind

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Warm-up and Stretch Exercise at Home with XMind


After working a whole day, we feel fatigue both physically and emotionally, even it’s at home.

How can we keep fit and keep a healthy lifestyle even we are at home?

We talk to Lana, a fitness YouTuber, who has been doing sports for more than 20 years. She offers suggestions including daily posture, exercises notes, and warm-up exercise at home and office.

Does working from home change your life? If so, how?

Of course, I see several aspects of working from home:


Therefore, I answer this question like this: Everything depends on us! For example, clear planning of the day in time, early rises will help to increase productivity working even from home. In this case, the mind map can help you perfectly.

Why do we feel tired after working overtime, but we still gain weight?

Weight gain directly depends on nutrition, it is important to consider what we eat and what quality and calorie content these foods are. Of course, preference should be given to vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals. Replace sugar and baked goods with healthier alternatives. A huge number of examples you can find on the Internet.

Adjusting your eating habits will help you lose weight. Workout will give the body shape, fit, elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with nutrition and exercise in combination.

Also, After a working day, we can experience emotional fatigue; it is important not to compensate our fatigue by eating delicious cakes, buns and chocolate. First you can dine healthy food and organize your rest properly, for example, walking in the fresh air, jogging, yoga, playing with children, reading books, listening to your favorite music, and so on.

Besides regular stretching, how do you suggest the posture when we are working?

While working, I recommend keeping your back straight, shoulders lowered, head tending upward, legs at the knees at the right angles (for this you can adjust the height of the chair or put something under your feet). You should keep a distance of 70-90 cm from the monitor. The example you can see at the picture.

Well, sometimes, if you’ve been sitting too much, you do need a break to stretch and also warm up your body.

I’ve also attached a mind map in the description of the video, or you can save this one for reference when you need to stretch.


We know there are different types of exercise out there, which one do you recommend the beginner to get a start with?

I would like to recommend starting with a combination of workouts, choosing for yourself what you like, yoga, fitness, running, stretching, jumping rope, strength training with your weight.

Don't forget that you shouldn't immediately load yourself with super intense workouts and be sure to consult your doctor!

It is important to understand what the beginner's goal is. If you want to become more enduring, train the respiratory system and coordination, you can start with running, jumping rope and yoga. If the main goal is to lose weight and become stronger you should choose fitness, high-intensity training (HIIT) and strength exercises with additional weight or body weight. Of course, all this works only with proper nutrition. For a beginner, I would like to advise not to load yourself immediately with training for every day. Since in fact, after a couple of weeks, the desire to train may disappear completely.

How should we combine them in a week?

It is best to start with two active days a week. Load different muscle groups.

For example, on Monday you can train Legs and Gluteus (Or Legs and Abs). On Wednesday, you can train Arms and Shoulders or add a full-fledged workout for the whole body. On Friday, you can do a less intense workout, for example, stretching for twine or yoga to feel your body and gradually become more flexible.


A little later, you can add extra training days and HIIT to your training process and become physically active even on your day off.

By the way, there are different workout variations on my channel, all of them are great for beginners.

What are the tools at home we can use for exercise if we can’t go to the gym?

Resistance bands and jump rope are ideal additional, inexpensive and excellent equipment for home workout. They are giving fantastic results. Instead of dumbbells, you can use different size bottles filled sand or water. And if you are already well-trained, then you can take an old backpack and fill it with books or the same bottles and use this backpack as a weight vest.

In fact, a chair can also be a part of the at-home equipment for exercise. If you are still woking on site, ask your colleague to do this warm up with you together.


Any food tips for staying healthy?

In general, the nutritional advice is simple.

Eat more vegetables. They are rich in vitamins and fiber.
Eat more fruits. But don't get carried away! They contain Fructose.

Try to eat less sugar and flour. But don't remove them completely if you find it difficult! Allow yourself it occasionally so that there is no temptation to break loose and eat a couple of kilograms. If you decide to lose weight, you need to learn one simple rule: spend more calories than you eat.


For example, the raisins contain 270 kcal/100 g. That's about 2-3 hours of intense workout! As for grapes are 70 kcal/100g, and it is easier for them to be sated, using the same 100 g. It is not difficult to calculate how much you need to train, after a snack of 500 kcal of chocolate.

Try to replace high-energy density food to less nutritious ones. Everything directly depends on our eating habits and table behavior!

If you find a tasty and correct substitute for habitual food products, you will win!

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