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Xmind Ambassador | Florence Potrel: How Mind Mapping Set My Mind Free

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Xmind Ambassador | Florence Potrel: How Mind Mapping Set My Mind Free

image I love hearing 'you saved my year by introducing me to mind mapping, I take all my notes in Xmind and it's great.'

                                                          - Florence Potrel

Florence Potrel and Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a wonderful discovery that revolutionized Florence's way of being and doing. Thanks to this method, she has become a liberated woman. She is more open-minded thanks to the questioning and reasoning of the method. "I don't do anything without mind mapping, I think and act with it - all my note taking: phone interview, email management, professional and personal plans, associative meetings with reports, planning training with CNFPT(France's National Centre for Territorial Civil Service), workshops with schools, monthly association meetings, developing educational programs, project management, preparing for the grape harvest, a birthday.... The list goes on. It is also very useful in individual coaching to prepare for exams and project management."

Committed Promoter of Mind Mapping and Associative Causes

She is an ardent promoter of mind mapping in France and is also actively involved in associative life, loving to defend causes close to her heart.

  • In October 2009, Florence created FLORESO, a training organization using the Mind Mapping method and tool.
  • Since 2015, she has been President of Entreprendre au Féminin Vienne association.
  • Since 2018, she has been working for CNFPT(France's National Center for Territorial Civil Service), and they have created a great community of Mind Mappers.
  • Since 2020, following the pandemic, she has opened online Mind Mapping training sessions, clubs, Xmind enhancement courses, seminars and individual or group coaching sessions.
  • Since May 2022, she has been a director of the Alienor Fund - CHU de Poitiers, an endowment fund to support health research and medical innovation.


Her Mind Mapping Journey

She has a YouTube channel where she posts videos made from photos taken during training. Here are some examples of mind maps she has created or that her students have created.

image image image

How Can She Help You?

As a trainer, she provides training in mind mapping, by hand and using Xmind software, for companies, government agencies, associations, schools, universities, apprenticeship and continuing education centers as well as families with children/parent workshops. She runs sessions either face-to-face or remotely, workshops, conferences and seminars.

Contact Her

Xmind Ambassador

We are pleased to grant the Xmind Ambassador certificate to Florence, in recognition of her expertise and commitment to promoting Mind Mapping methodology to various audiences. Her dynamic training and innovative approaches are actively contributing to the dissemination of the benefits of this thought structuring technique.


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