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Xmind Ambassador | Sathyanand S: We Are at the Cusp of a New Digital Era

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Xmind Ambassador | Sathyanand S: We Are at the Cusp of a New Digital Era

image “I am on the lookout for opportunities where I could play a significant role in enabling access, availability, and guidance for many such aspiring creators/builders out there.”

Who I Am

My name is Sathyanand S and I am a published author, information designer, and serial entrepreneur. As a visual thinking evangelist, I am championing the visual-first approach to thinking, learning, and communication, bringing in my 15+ years of experience in the development and education sector. I offer visual coaching and consulting, with a mission to help 1,000+ founders and creative entrepreneurs to leverage visual thinking and learning strategies to build and grow their businesses.

What I Can Provide

As a former teacher/educator and serial entrepreneur, I have 15 years of experience in the development and education sector:

  • I help my audience think, learn and communicate better using visual frameworks and mind mapping.
  • I help my clients increase their online visibility and grow their social media audience by offering specialized content marketing support.
  • I help my students to accelerate their learning, improve their performance and enhance their creativity using visual thinking and learning tools.

What Value I’ve Created

I’ve helped various brands, companies, and startups to generate ideas, insights, and content, by offering them various strategies, practical tools, and the necessary mindset. Typical cases are as followed:

  • Building and growing YVisuals app with Lee Hills, a UK-based Bubble developer. YVisuals helps users boost their content engagement by visualizing the content, and so far has gained 400+ free users, 10+ paid users, and 3000+ followers (since Feb 2023).
  • Sold 2 apps built on Softr & Airtable: MakeryPro & NocodeCafe (Jan-April 2023).
  • I wrote and published a book, "Success Begets Success", a compendium of practical insights on self-growth and personal development (Jan 2023).
  • Hypefury, a social media content scheduling tool. I worked as their community and content manager. I was responsible for creating and building their Discord community, and their first (paid) Twitter growth cohort (July-Nov 2022).
  • Linkedin authority content creation for serial entrepreneur and startup educator, Shivam Jha (April-July 2022).
  • Raised $25,000 for Ireland-based training firm, Sli Nua Careers, under the leadership of Liam Horan, National Hubs Executive at Western Development Commission (Sep-Dec 2020).
  • Founding member of Tamuku, an online WhatsApp newsletter & advisory firm for the development sector.
  • Raised USD 12 million for the consortium of non-profits in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

More recently, I launched a webinar in which I shared the benefits of using mind maps for retrospectives in project management and how to use Xmind to facilitate effective retrospectives, covering the basics of mind mapping and its advantages over traditional retrospective methods, as well as practical tips for using Xmind to create visually appealing and informative retrospectives. And I have to say it is a gorgeous combination of Xmind as a powerful tool and a real application!

My Vision & Hope for the Future

We are at the cusp of a new digital era. I envision a world where:

  • Millions of aspiring creators, despite their ‘zip code’, can unleash their creative potential and earn a decent living leveraging the growing opportunities.
  • Every one of them can be appropriately mentored and duly upskilled to capitalize on this burgeoning revolution.
  • And I am on the lookout for opportunities where I could play a significant role in enabling access, availability, and guidance for many such aspiring creators/ builders out there.

Xmind's Contribution to My Work

Several potential benefits in Xmind largely contribute to my work as a creator & non-linear thinker.

  • Improved creativity - Xmind helps me generate and organize ideas, making it easier to come up with new concepts and perspectives.
  • Enhanced planning and organization - Xmind helps me plan and structure others' work, allowing me to see the big picture and break down complex tasks into manageable chunks.
  • Better communication - As a non-linear thinker, Xmind also helps communicate my ideas to others clearly and concisely, as they provide a visual representation of complex concepts.

Know More about Me

I share complete information about myself on my website where people can understand my background, vision, achievements so far, and more. I also communicate my inspiration and latest updates on Twitter and Linkedin.

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Jul 18, 2023
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